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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’d know that spending any kind of time in the sun, wind and water can leave your skin dehydrated. I personally love spending my precious family time outside and preferably at the beach. However, the Australian elements do take their toll on my skin. To prevent me from looking like a wrinkled old prune, I have spent my time finding options that can protect my skin.

Have you ever heard of Hyaluronic Acid?

No it’s not some new drug doing the rounds at the local nightclub…. Simply put, it’s a natural sugar molecule that our bodies make and can be found primarily in our cartilage, eyes and skin.

This tiny molecule retains water like a sponge, absorbing more than 1000 times its weight in water. This helps to draw and sustain water within the extracellular space. For this reason, it functions to lubricate our joints by increasing our synovial fluid, combatting joint pain and Osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic Acid has a critical role in the hydration of our skin and the synthesis of collagen. It also gives the extra benefit of forming a barrier on the skin to protect from UV radiation and scavenging free radicals that cause cellular damage.

Hyaluronic Acid also plays a very important role in the early stages of wound healing. It provides a matrix for the other more complex proteins like Collagen to embed in for the next stage of wound healing.

But here comes the kicker!!

As we age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid that is manufactured in the body decreases every year. This is one of the major intrinsic factors at to why our skin loses moisture and elasticity. Of course, the other external contributing factors are our exposure to UV radiation, pollution, smoking, poor nutrition and hydration. This is why it is so important that from a young age we make a concerted effort to work on the extrinsic factors that lead to premature aging. So eat well, drink filtered water, avoid pollution and smoking and without fail, protect the skin from the sun.

Don’t worry, we have a solution!!

Many beauty companies have helped us compensate for this natural loss by adding Hyaluronic acid to their serums, day creams and night creams. By using good quality skin care that has added Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient, you can help prevent moisture loss from the skin and avoid wrinkles and sagging.

However, what I have discovered that works even more efficiently on the skin and joints is supplementing with nutritional products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. For years, doctors have recognised the benefits of recommending Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements for Osteoarthritis. Now, when you add Hyaluronic Acid to this combination, patients are reporting that they are having improvements in their pain levels and joint mobility.

When you take supplements containing Hyaluronic Acid, you also have the added benefits of avoiding harmful chemicals that can be found in many skin creams. I’ve personally added my favourite

to my daily regime since 2013 and have seen the results on my skin. I was prompted to try this product after I saw the winning results of a skin competition that was held in 2010 in Germany. The company who made this Skin Formula added Hyaluronic Acid to their formula and their customers held a competition to see if it really did work!! The contestants sent in photos of their faces after taking the product for 2 months. The results were plain for anyone to see. By supplementing with the new and improved Skin Formula, the contestant’s wrinkles, redness and many other skin conditions had changed.

That was more than enough proof for me to give it a try. Having suffered with dermatitis and dry skin since I was a teenager, I am thrilled to say my dermatitis is so well controlled today that I do not need to rely on steroid creams anymore. As a bonus, I have seen a massive improvement in my fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, I continue to use Hyaluronic Acid skin cream and nutritional supplements.

The Fountain of Youth!!

So if anti-ageing is your focus or you would like to minimise the effects of joint degradation, then consider Hyaluronic Acid as your miracle molecule. But remember the products are only as good as the quality and synergy of the ingredients, as well as manufacturing practices. 

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2 Thoughts on “The Best kind of Sugar Molecule: Hyaluronic Acid Reviews”

  • Life is good at the beach, we live right by the beach and spend a lot of time walking the shore. However as you said there are some draw backs. My husband has multiple skin cancers he has to have burnt off or cut out every couple of months and I have noticed my own skin getting drier as the years go by.
    After reading your post I went straight to the bathroom to check the ingredients of the skin creams (moisturizers) I was using. Some do not list the ingredients and I was disappointed to find that Hyaluronic Acid. was not listed in any of my products.
    Thank you for alerting me to this essential ingredient, i will be reading the labels in future.

    • Thank you for your comment Judy. Your husband is very fortunate to have had his skin cancers removed without complications. The further benefits of taking Hyaluronic Acid in tablet form, is the increase in bioavailability to the cells during the healing process post surgery, plus very effective to counteract your dry skin. Enjoy your time walking the shore.

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