First Base Sun Protective Clothing Review
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First Base
Bondi Beach

It was so refreshing to find a company that I felt an immediate kinship. First Base, is located in Bondi Beach, Australia, with original designs by Alison Cotton. Alison who hailed from City Beach, Perth (my hometown), has taken the laid back feel of Perth and has incorporated it into her Surf and Sports clothing line. When you first check out the clothing collection at First Base, you fall in love with the original designs of their sports clothes and casual wear. With unique patterns added to their functional active wear, you can feel comfortable but yet stylish all day long.

But it was the bright blue and exclusive geometric design of the paddle suit that jumped out at me in the First Base Swimwear collection. Made from 78% recycled fabrics, with built in UV protection and 4 way stretch fabric to give you the flexibility you need when moving through the water. This awesome paddle suit zips down the front and can be used for any water sport like surfing, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing etc.

Ethical Practices in Manufacturing

If you have already fallen in love with this paddle suit, then let me help put the icing on the cake for you. The ideas for the designs are born in Bondi, but the clothes are manufactured by the Chinese factories that are compliant with the 12 key principles that make up the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). We take this for granted, but if you are WRAP compliant then there is absolutely no breaking of basic human rights in their labour force, no child labour and work place safety is paramount. First Base have 3rd party accreditors checking this WRAP biannually plus First Base visits the manufacturing companies in person annually.

Sustainable Manufacturing

I love transparency as it builds long term trust between customer and company. First Base recognise that although they are a small company they want to reduce their carbon footprint and keep the environmental cost of running a business at the forefront of their decisions. Using sustainable fabrics like 100% Certified Organic Cotton, Sustainable Bamboo and Recyled Nylon plus acting responsibly with their daily studio practices are commendable actions for this small company. Furthermore, they have teamed up with Carbon Neutral Australia, for every donation of $3.03 that an online customer can add to their checkout, First Base add another so that doubles the amount of trees that being planted in Western Australia. Check out their online Tree Counter!

Carbon Neutral Australia

Don’t Miss Out on Looking Awesome in the Water!

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2 Thoughts on “Review of Yacht Lyfe Paddle Suit by First Base”

  • Thank you for this review and for mentioning that China has WRAP companies. So much manufacturing is done there but they are not known for best practices or quality products.

    Is anyone using hemp material for items like this that you know of?

    • Hi Irma, thanks for your comment. No I haven’t found anyone making swimsuits or UPF 50+ clothing from Hemp material as yet. I have found organic cotton and bamboo though. Check out my next blogs on this.

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