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If you are looking for a stylish, yet comfortable pair of polarized sunglasses, then look no further than the Remmy 49, made by independent Californian eye wear manufacturer, RAEN. 

There is nothing I dislike more, than feeling like Goldilocks whose sunglasses are either too big or too small for my face. What I am looking for is the right fit! RAEN’s Remmy 49, are light-weight, that fit well and versatile for both men and women.

RAEN optics, pride themselves on being a classics driven, boutique eye wear brand that uses the slogan Handmade and Heartfelt. 

You can really feel this too, when you feel the smooth and beautiful surface of the handcrafted acetate frames, combined with the premium Carl Zeiss optical lenses.

Best UV protected sunglasses: Have you heard of “Surfers Eye”?

When I am looking for sunglasses, I always take note of the Ultra Violet radiation (UV) protection that it offers me. UV radiation can cause as much damage to your eyes as it does your skin. Sun damage to eyes, will build up over your lifetime and leave you with permanent effect to your sight.

Most people don’t realise this, but there is a particular eye condition called Pterygium, known also as “Surfers eye” which is caused by spending long periods of time spent outside exposed to UV radiation. The Ptergium is a soft fleshy growth on the eyeballs and eyelids that could eventually grow over your cornea and impede your sight.

By wearing sunglasses, you are limiting your UV exposure on the beach and whenever you are outside during the day.

Always look for sunglasses, that protect you from 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. This includes those labeled as “UV 400”, which blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

Brilliantly, the Remmy 49, 100% protects against both UVA and UVB radiation.

Why choose polarization? Do you hate to be blinded by the glare?

If you find the outside world glaringly bright and you dislike the sun’s reflections off the ocean or road, then polarization is what you seek. So what is polarization? It is simply a chemical film, added to the lens to absorb horizontal light waves, allowing only vertical light waves to pass through instead. With only one direction of light waves passed through the lens, glare is eliminated.

RAEN, have thoughtfully added polarized lens to the Remmy 49 sunglasses to offer us another layer of protection from the harmful effects of UV light. Particularly important if you love to spend time at the beach and don’t want to be blinded by the glare! My preference is polarization, but if this not for you, then RAEN do manufacture them without polarization as well, so check the fine print when purchasing

Do you need prescription sunglasses?

If you require prescription sunglasses, then these lenses can be swapped out by your optician and replaced by prescription lenses. As each frame is made from a single flat sheet of acetate, these frames can be heated and molded allowing Opticians to customize the fit for the wearer. The temples are constructed with an embedded wire core to allow for balance and adjustment for the ideal fit for any face shape. The colour hue is embedded into the acetate, not just sprayed on, so will not peel, like other inferior products I have purchased. They also contain unique aging stabilizers that will prevent UV light discoloring or fading. This means that your glasses will look as good as they did the day you bought them!


Choose your colour!

These really groovy, round shaped sunglasses come in 19 combinations of frames and lens colours to choose from. My favourite is definitely the Burlwood with Black polarized lenses. But I also like the Champagne Crystal with Green Polarized lenses. You are going to find something to suit your personality and colouring, no matter what gender you are.

As a person who suffers from a Nickel allergy, it is also important to mention that RAEN have used hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel hinges and wire core.

SIZE + FIT GUIDE for the Remmy 49:

  • Lens Width: 49mm
  • Bridge Width: 20mm
  • Temple Arm Length: 145mm
  • Height: 45mm
  • Narrow frame width

The Remmy reminds me of summer!

“RAEN’s Creative Director and Co-Founder Justin Heit’s creative prowess, are directly influenced by his love for the ocean and the culture that surrounds it: designers, athletes, and entrepreneurs both in and out of the water.”

When you have the RAEN Founders and Design team, bobbing in the ocean hunting for waves out in their native California, then you can be sure that their lifestyle directly influences their sunglass designs.

Also, if I haven’t already reassured you of the high quality of the RAEN Remmy 49 sunglasses, then let me name-drop here! The Remmy 49 sunglasses have been fitted with the CR-39 lens from Carl Zeiss Vision, well-known for their resistance to abrasions. This makes them suitable for people like me, prone to scratching my favourite sunglasses, as I forget to put them away in their special case for protection!

With many people finding their lenses to be super clear, providing crisp images, they really are a great pair of glasses without the prohibitive price tag. Plus RAEN also have a 12-month warranty against manufactures faults.

Visit our store today to get some great deals on the Remmy 49. Furthermore, if you decide you like the look of the Remmy 49 but want a wider pair of sunglasses, then please also check out the Remmy 52, which is identical in every way except larger.

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